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Welcome to Grade 9 Science!

Your first year in science will cover 4 main topics: Space, Electricity, Ecology and Introductory Chemistry. Our program includes many activities and labs in all topics. Once a year we also take the grade 9 science classes on a trip and this year we anticipate spending the day at the Metro Toronto Zoo. To see the course outline for this course click on the link to the course in the chart below. This outline has a course description, our late assignment/missed test policy, the achiement catagories and their weighting, along with other important information.

Many of our teachers post work on the website so check with your teacher to see if they post their handouts and assignments. You can also drop by the science office (room 345) to get extra help. Check your teacher’s timetable posted on the science office doors to see when your teacher is available.

Towards the end of March the grade 9's will begin to work on their 10% summatives. This project usually consists of an experiment and a short presentation. At the end of the year there is a 20% final exam during the exam days in June.

Now is a good time to start thinking of what science courses you might want to take in the future. After grade 10 science you can take grade 11 Academic Physics, Chemistry or Biology. There is also a grade 11 College biology course offered at the school. To see the course outline for these courses, click on the course code in the chart below. To see an outline of the science courses offered at Earl Haig, click on this link Science Course Flowchart

Subject Grade Level Course Code
Science 9 Applied SNC-1P1
Science 9 Academic SNC-1D1
Science 9 Enriched SNC-1D3
Science 9 ESL SNC-1D8
Science 10 Applied SNC-2P1
Science 10 Academic SNC-2D1
Science 10 Enriched SNC-2D3
Science 10 ESL SNC-2D8
Science 11 College/University SNC-3M1
Biology 11 Academic SBI-3U1
Biology 12 Academic SBI-4U1
Chemistry 11 Academic SCH-3U1
Chemistry 12 Academic SCH-4U1
Physics 11 Academic SPH-3U1
Physics 12 Academic SPH-4U1

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