12 May, 2011

Dear Friends of Willowdale Schools,

We had originally scheduled a meeting on May 16th for our ward. However, because we had two extra meetings in the last few weeks (on the TDSB budget situation), we have decided to cancel this date and give all of you a bit of room before our next gathering. Instead, we are going to join together with Trustee Gerri Gershon for a combined ward meeting on May 26th at Leaside High School, 200 Hanna Road, near Bayview and Eglinton. There will be a presentation on new policies affecting:

· Lower Limit of Marks on the Provincial Report Card
· Late and Missed Assignments
· Plagiarism and Cheating

There will also be a discussion on:
Split Grades

In addition, Trustee Gershon and I will be updating you on the latest education news and information. An agenda will be sent out prior to the meeting.

Thanks very much and hope to see you there!